100 Club

What is the 100 Club?

Our 100 club has been set up to help us to support the long-term foster dogs handed over to our care. On average we have 28 long-term foster dogs on our books at any one time. These are usually older dogs of 9 years plus.

Their fosterers feed them and see to their daily needs whilst we support them by paying veterinary bills. Without the support of the 50 club we would have no other option than to have these dogs put to sleep, as it would be impossible to find people willing to adopt them.

The club was formerly called the 50 club, but it's membership has increased to closer to 100!  So it is now thought more appropriate to call it the 100 Club!


 We think that these dogs deserve a chance, don’t you?


How does it work?

The 100 club is run by Sally Wheeler (Fundraising Coordinator). Subscribers pay 5 per month into the club, by standing order. 4 of your donation goes straight to helping us to support the dogs whilst the other 1 goes towards the prize money. Each month a draw is made and the winner receives 1 for every member of the club - the more members we have the more money we can pay out!

The 100 Club Flyer available from the highlighted link gives more information and a form for you to fill in if you decide to join.  There is also a Standing Order Mandate.  They are PDF documents which you will need the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader available here to read and print.

Prize Winners

Prize winners can be viewed on Page 14 of the Spring 2014 Newsletter.



If you require any further information please Contact Us.  


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