• Although every dog owner likes to think their dog is perfect, the simple fact is that there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ dog. So, when you adopt or foster one (or two!) of our dogs, you can’t expect them to be ‘perfect’ from day one.
  • As part of the matching process that all adopters and foster carers go through, you can expect to be given as much information as is known about the dog’s previous history and behaviour. You can also expect us to flag up any known or apparent issues or foibles so that you can make an informed decision as to whether or not to accept an invitation to meet the dog at kennels and subsequently proceed with the re-homing process.
  • It is a fact that not all dogs that come to us for rehoming have had the benefit of good, effective training and this will become apparent when you visit the kennels to meet the dog you have been matched with. You can therefore fully expect to have to put both time and effort into training or even re-training any dog you are invited to meet and subsequently decide is the right one to share your home with.
  • You can expect our Rehoming Team to take great care in ensuring the right match is made between a dog and any potential new owner or family before a formal re-homing or lifetime foster arrangement takes place. As such you can expect to be visited by one of our Home Visitors before you welcome a new addition to your home.
  • As a new owner or foster carer, you can expect the Rehoming Team to contact you 24 hours after you have introduced the dog to its new home and again approximately 2 weeks later to follow up on how the dog is settling into its new life and routine. You can also expect one of our Home Visitors to undertake a follow-up visit once your dog has been settled with you for at least 12 months.
  • All adopters can expect to rely on our Rehoming Team for as much or as little support as is needed or wanted. The team may contact you from time to time to hear about how your dog is enjoying their new life with you and are available to provide support or advice whenever you need it.
  • All foster carers can expect to have regular contact with the Rehoming Team who will be in touch more frequently to offer assistance and support to enable our older dogs to continue enjoying a comfortable retirement in their new homes.

Should you proceed to adopt or foster one of our dogs, you can fully expect us to support you and the dog for the rest of its natural life.

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