All applicants who are matched with one our dogs can expect to receive a visit from one of our home visitors. These visits generally take place prior to any formal adoption or fostering.

Please be reassured that the home visit is not a test but it is a very important part of our rehoming process that ensures our dogs will be cared for in a safe, secure and loving environment. It is also an opportunity to meet a member of our team who can give first-hand guidance on any issues or queries you may have.

Our home visitors will check the security of your garden and may talk to you about your lifestyle.  This is because all dogs deserve a home where:

  They are not routinely left on their own for more than four hours in total on any given day.

  They have the company of at least one person who may be at home for most of the day.

  The garden is safe and secure with, ideally, a 5’ fence or wall.

In addition:

  • A home that has previously enjoyed the company of a Labrador or a dog of a similar size/temperament or that has prior experience of successfully rehoming a rescue dog is a distinct advantage for the dogs in our care.
  • We are always looking for caring homes for older dogs over the age of 9 years and those with ongoing medical problems.  Labrador Welfare will assist with the cost of veterinary fees for these dogs under our lifetime foster or sponsor dog schemes.

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