Memories Shared


"Let the winds of time blow gently

So that you can hear that we still miss you"  Anon


Hello. We are just sitting round the dining room table sharing our memories. Come in and sit down in a comfy chair, you are very welcome. There’s a big box of tissues on the shelf as you are sure to need them. There’s tea and coffee if you want it, and someone has brought some cakes.

Who’s that doing the washing up? Is it Oscar?


Perhaps you have a special memory that you would like to share with us? The lives of our Labradors are too special to only last a lifetime.  Send us your memories (and photos) if you wish and we will include them on the site.

All that we graciously ask is that if your dog isn't from Labrador Welfare that you make a small donation of 2 by clicking here (Please use the "Other" box to enter the amount).

Labrador Welfare dogs (and other dogs of current or past Labrador Welfare dog owners, even if the dog isn't from Labrador Welfare!), are included on the site for FREE!  Consider it a small "Thank You" for looking after one of our dogs! 

People who are Members of Labrador Welfare are also entitled.


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