As a small, registered charity we are reliant on donations that enable us to continue our work to help dogs who, through no fault of their own, need new homes.

Although we do not ask for adoption donations for those dogs being rehomed on our Life Time Foster Scheme, we do ask that an adoption donation is made for all other dogs in our care.

The adoption donation we ask for each dog is non-negotiable and is set to reflect the age and condition of the dog and whether it has been microchipped and/or neutered.

It is worth remembering that a well-bred puppy could cost anything from 800 or more from a reputable breeder – adoption donations for our dogs are considerably less and will be discussed with you when final arrangements are being made for you to adopt your dog.

At Labrador Welfare, we feel our dogs are priceless but we ask new owners to make an adoption donation because:

  • It deters impulse buying and encourages commitment to the dog and to working to overcome any ‘quirks’ or ‘foibles’ the dog may have.
  • It helps us cover some of the cost of feeding and kennelling the dog.
  • It enables us to provide worming/flea treatments on adoption if these are required.
  • It contributes to our Responsible Rehoming Policy which centres on ensuring all our dogs are neutered/spayed (unless there is a medical reason that this cannot be done whilst the dog is in our care) and up to date with vaccinations prior to rehoming.
  • It helps us cover the cost of microchipping and registration of the dog in your name with Labrador Welfare remaining as the rescue organisation.

By adopting a dog from Labrador Welfare you’ll be giving your new dog the happy life it deserves.

Your adoption donation makes a real difference and can change the lives of other dogs who also need our help finding new homes.

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