When you are successfully matched with a dog from Labrador Welfare, you will be asked to read and sign an Adoption Contract on the day you go to collect and formally adopt the new addition to your family. The Adoption Contract explains the terms and conditions of the adoption arrangement which include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • All homes will be visited and vetted by one of our team. Please note that home visits are generally undertaken prior to adoption with follow-up visits taking place no less than 12 months post-adoption.
  • An adoption donation will be paid for each dog. (The amount of this donation will vary dependent on the age of the dog and other factors such as whether vaccinations are up to date).
  • Dogs will be neutered or spayed prior to adoption but where this has not been done, neutering or spaying must be undertaken as soon as possible (and not more than 12 months) after adoption.
  • All dogs must wear a collar and identity disc when out in public.
  • All dogs that leave our care are fully vaccinated and microchipped.  Microchips will be transferred into a new owner’s name once the dog is settled in its new home.
  • You will also be provided with wormers and flea treatment at the time of the adoption.
  • All dogs should receive booster vaccinations as advised by your vet.
  • You are advised to insure your dog - even if this is only third party cover.

You must register your dog with a veterinary practice.

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